Due to the increased use of technology, mobile casino games are topping the gambling industry. Casino lovers can now play their favorite games from the ease of their smartphones. Here are interesting facts why every player should love mobile casino apps.


The online gaming industry has continued to satisfy both the fun and lucrative cravings of many gamblers. With their exciting and thrilling features, they show remarkable interest in what the people enjoy. For ease of their various gaming services, mobile casino applications are now made available for bettors anytime, any day. In Canada, the fame and excellence of this entertainment pub have continued to soar high regarding the huge trading volume it pumps to the gaming industry.

Prominent game developers like Microgaming and NetEnt have made gambling online the perfect choice of fun for gamblers. Now, there are over a thousand gambling services. They have provided the best online casino for Canadian players who wish to join the entertained set of gamblers. Its greatest advantages are that it is device friendly and works on Android, iOS as well as Windows OS platforms.

The availability of this casino service has made it one of the most sought out online applications. What most people don’t know is more than they know. There are hidden knowledge and fun facts behind the successful use of casino applications. In this review, we’ll share some of these facts you may be unaware of concerning this money-generating industry. Read on!

● Approximately 78% of casino players have been found to use the mobile casino to gamble for real money. There are no surprise betting services that have extended to many social media sites like Facebook. That many players now use Facebook as a major platform for their gambling endeavors. Due to the accessibility of this platform, a huge number of gamblers use it to gamble for real money. 

● Studies proposed a positive interconnection between playing games in online casinos and a positive attitude to life. Very amusing right? It shows that constant thinking while playing stimulates the mind positively. Thereby releasing happy hormones encouraging mindset and attitude positivity.

● A surprising 80% out of all app store purchases was found to be gaming apps. The popular use of smartphones contributes to the easy download or purchase of these apps. Popular mobile gambling games including slots and real money poker now have their applications for gamblers irrespective of their smartphone type. The availability of these games has contributed to the increasing excellence of the gambling industry.

● In 2012, another research showed the percentage of searches related to the mobile casino covered more than a quarter. Many gamblers are taking their time to search for ways to increase their earnings thereby seeking gambling. This indicates the popularity and lucrativeness of mobile casino games and the fun it brings to life.

● More than 30% of iOS users play games on their devices. As of 2016, there were over 150 million iPhone users found to enjoy online casino games from their smartphones. Now, the numbers have increased potentially to 215 million users worldwide.

● Psychology research reveals that playing mobile casino games could prevent mental illnesses. It shows that it can prevent the onset of illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Gaming involves the use of the brain muscles to think, which enables proper functioning and contribution to mental health.


Advantages of Mobile Casino Applications

● You get to play to earn points or money.

● Get huge bonuses, rewards, and promotions.

● Play from anywhere.

● Have fun during your leisure time.

Disadvantages of Mobile Casino Applications

● Lower concentration on the game.

● Some casino applications have bad graphics.

● Needs access to a stable network for effective gaming.

● You have to download the game. 


The online gambling industry has gained a lot of fame over the years. With its popularity, the industry has noticed a huge generation of revenue from the mobile versions of their services. This contributes to the great improvement of the mobile versions luring new users to their services.

They now make sure to provide great games, mobile-friendly transactions, lucrative bonus packages, and an amazing gaming experience. Join the happy and profitable people and enjoy the refreshing entertainment of the gaming industry.