When it comes to basketball, that first half time is a pretty short one, twenty minutes to be precise. Although many might think that twenty minutes is such a small amount of time that you could just wait it out, we live in an age where we’ve been almost programmed to need to keep ourselves entertained. YouTube videos are shorter than television shows and TikTok clips are shorter still, we’ve got to keep our brains busy second to second. The good news is that there are plenty of games that cater to our laughably short attention spans. 

 Wolf Gold

 So if you want lots of options you can enjoy in the half time, we’ve got them. From arcade games such as chess, basketball games such as NBA 2K or you can even find Slots to Play for Real Money that will fit into those precious two minutes. However, the Wolf Gold slot might be popular among Bulls fans thanks to the majestic bison (cousin of the bull) that makes an appearance on the reels. The feel of this game is generally pretty all-American, so even if you don’t win, you’ll be feeling plenty patriotic enough for the second quarter. If you’ve never played slot games before then they’re generally really simple to pick up, but if you’re unsure then you can find tutorials online easily for this one, or spend a few cents working it out for yourself.

 NBA 2K Mobile

 Although NBA 2K is an in-depth basketball game, so in-depth that it’s become a bonafide Esport, the mobile version is a lot more stripped back. For this game, you’ll want to have the basics all worked out before halftime, as for a lot of us, it can take half an hour or more to put a strong team together. However, once you’ve got your team set up and you know how the controls work, you can pick up and put down this game super easily. You’ll not be winning the league in two minutes, but you could get a whole game played at speed, or you could use the time to complete the daily task. Don’t forget, there’s another break coming up after this one, so you don’t have to finish what you started in the allotted two minutes!


It can be easy to get so into the zone when you’re watching basketball that you forget how to think like a human. If you feel like switching your brain into thinking mode then a quick set of chess puzzles can be the perfect way to do it. There are tons of mobile chess apps to choose from, but look for one with a puzzle mode. These puzzles will put you right into the middle of a chess game and ask you to win it in a set number of moves. Not only does this save you loads of time, which as we’ve established is a priority, but it also gets you right into the good bit. Opening moves are for losers anyway, probably?

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