Graveman Secures The Bag

In a deal reportedly worth $24 million, the Chicago White Sox have signed relief pitcher Kendall Graveman to a 3-year deal. Graveman has previously played for the Toronto Blue Jays, Houston Astros, and the Seattle Mariners. Graveman is a right-handed reliever and has been gaining some popularity the last couple of seasons. While he has always been a good pitcher, he is really starting to shine even more lately.  

At the beginning of his career, Graveman might not have been the most special pitcher to watch, but he still got the job done. Over the past few years, Graveman has really stepped it up and is looking to make his name one to be remembered when talking about MLB pitchers. This season is looking to be a great one for Kendall and on any given night that Graveman is playing, you can expect to see something special. Graveman has become one of the most sought-after relief pitchers in the league and rightly so! Let’s all just hope he can keep the momentum going forward for a couple more years. 

The Season Ahead

Chicago adding him to their roster is going to give them more depth in their pitching lineup. You can expect to see Graveman doing more than his fair share of closing out games soon enough. The White Sox have also signed a few other players such as Leury Garcia to help give them better odds at making it to the World Series. Chicago’s first game of the season is on February 26th against the Oakland Athletics. This kicks off Chicago’s season and is the first of three games they will play in three days. While we may not see Graveman in the first game, odds are that he will make an appearance in one of Chicago’s first three games. 

A Safe Bet?

With sports betting becoming more and more popular, is it time to put some money on the White Sox? I mean, if you knew Graveman was going to be closing, would you put a bet on him? Graveman is poised to do amazing things and if he can continue to improve, we could see the White Sox as one of the MLB expert picks. Last season, he went 5-10 with 10 saves and had an ERA of 1.77 over the course of 53 games. Definitely sounds like he could be a smart bet.  

While it’s hard to say whether or not Chicago has a chance to make it to the World Series, one thing you can bet on is the fact that Kendall Graveman is going to look to improve his stats. As mentioned, he had an ERA of 1.77 last season so look for him to improve this and have it even lower this year. With sports betting becoming more and more popular, it may be worth looking into seeing what the odds are on him staying under a 2.0 ERA.  

His Career.

Kendall was born in 1990 and actually got his start in the MLB in 2014 for the Toronto Blue Jays. From here he also played for the Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, and even the Houston Astros. Over his whole career, he has a win-loss record of 29-33 which isn’t too bad. Alongside this, he also has a career ERA of 4.15 which is rather impressive.  

This season ahead marks a tough season for Graveman. While he is past the point of needing to prove himself, he really needs to keep things going. He should find himself closing out more games this year than he has in previous seasons, something he has surely earned. Kendall will be looking to leave his stamp on the MLB and this could be that career-defining season that allows it to happen. 

Only Time Will Tell.

So there you have it, folks. Graveman is looking to make a positive impact in Chicago and help close out more games for the White Sox. The White Sox have spent a good deal of money on their bullpen this past year and it will be interesting to see what they can do with it.  

It will also be interesting to see what else Chicago has in store. They are currently at what could be their highest payroll of all time, something that will surely have a few of the higher-ups worried. However, could this be what the White Sox needs to get back into things? Long gone are the days of Frank ‘The Big Hurt’ Thomas 

If Graveman can keep going the way he has, does he have what it takes to be one of the all-time great closers? Could the White Sox even make a run for the World Series? It may be too early to tell, but look for them to turn the heat up come February when the season kicks off.

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