Like any other US state, Chicago is preparing itself for 2022, a year that will be filled with lots of sporting activities. This of course, follows a hard time many teams and other sectors faced in 2019 through 2021, when the spread of the deadly coronavirus was at the peak.

Now that things have started to regain shape, sporting activities are slowly opening. In fact, teams, fans, and managers are all eager to pick up the pieces. With 2020-2021 already showing some action, many Chicago teams are ready to showcase their strength next year.

However, the biggest question is; which Chicago-based teams are primed for glory in 2022? This article will address just that. Let’s now look at some of the top Chicago-based teams that are expected to do better next year.

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1. Chicago Red Stars

As you walk down Milwaukee, you encounter a great stadium, home to Chicago Red Stars. The field is so attractive that anyone can head there even if there is no activity going on. Nonetheless, Chicago Red Stars is first Chicago-based team to watch in 2022.

Under the able hands of team manager Marcia McDermott, the team has been performing exemplary since it was founded in September 2007. A year after the team was founded, Emma Hayes was appointed the head coach. 

The team is expected to do better in 2022 following recent vigorous training.

2. Chicago Rush

Although the team’s facility is small, there is no doubt that Chicago Rush is the team to watch this coming season. For many years, the team has shown that it is capable of making it to the finals.

The team shows a lot of energy when it is playing with fans flocking the field whenever the home team is playing. What is more, if anyone wants to watch sweet football in 2022, then the better option is to head to the Rush game.

Before we forget, this team was originally referred to as OPC, which means Oswego Panther Club. But after some 3 years with the name, the owners changed the name to the current name, Chicago Rush.

3. Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are pretty famous and not just in the US. This team has been around like forever. According to one Bulls follower, “You have never had any fun if you have never seen the Bulls play their opponents at home. The boys show off their energy, which is of another level.” 

Although the fan spoke fondly of the Bulls, she later claimed that she is not the team’s follower but her husband is. In fact, she called the husband a ‘die hard follower’, thus she accompanies her husband to see the boys perform from time to time.

In one occasion when Nicole accompanied her husband, she recalls the team exhibiting unmatched energy from the start to the end. Yes, she says that the energy was at 100 from the start to the end. “I love it. After the thrilling game, we went to for lunch and drinks at Offshore Rooftop & Bar,” Nicole said.

4. Chicago Sky

For many years, Chicago Sky have had a history of lackluster performances. The team has been losing for many years. However, things have changed a great deal. In recent years, the team has shown the world that winning is possible. 

True to their commitment, the team has shown tremendous growth in recent tournaments. One such an occasion is when the Chicago Sky came from behind to smash Seattle 78-69. What is more, the day’s game had great energy in spite of the field having only a quarter its capacity.

If you like more extra fun, the Chicago Sky is perhaps the team to watch in 2022 because most of the team’s fans are teens that are known to have an exceptional type of fun. Be warned thought that these fans can be too loud especially after the Sky records a win.

It gets even worse if the team beats the opponents.

5. Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club

For many people, rugby is not a big game in the United States. That is not true though. Recent research shows that rugby is slowly beating other sports such as beach football to become among the favorite games.

With that in mind, the Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club is known to be the highly celebrated rugby club not just in Chicago alone but also in other parts of the United States. It is no surprised that because of their zeal, the team was voted the best club in the whole country in 2007.

It is true that since then, things have not been so cool for the team but the team has started to show some magnificent energy in recent days. Following what the team has done rugby followers throughout Chicago and across the United States are looking forward to seeing a more robust and organized CLRFC in 2022.

6. Chicago Blackhawks

With their official residence near the West Side, Chicago Blackhawks should actually be the number two team primed for 2022. This is among the favorite hockey teams in Chicago with massive following. 

The team features at the top 5 in the National Hockey League and sometimes the top 2 for many years. In a bid to draw a contrast between the Chicago Blackhawks and other teams such as Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, many people argue that the latter have won many titles than the former.

Although that is true, Chicago Blackhawks has maintained their position at the top for many years thus the team’s relevance is truly unmatched. This is true because the last time Montreal Canadiens won a title was in 1993 while Toronto Maple Leafs bagged their last trophy way back in 1967.

Final Words

Whether it is football, hockey, rugby or even NBA, several Chicago-based teams have prepared themselves to appear in 2022. With fans expected to fill courts as it used to prior to the eruption of Covid-19, team managers and club founders are not relenting. All that fans want is to see their favorite teams battle it out in 2020. Even if their preferred teams don’t clinch the title, they would at least have taken part in the season.

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