It’s been a dark season for the Chicago Bears as they sit at 4-9 overall with just four games to go. There’s really no doubt that changes will be made, the only thing that’s in question is how many changes will be made.

But while it’s been a season filled with chatter, there are some bright spots including defensive back Jaylon Johnson. The second-year standout out of Utah has been one of Chicago’s best players overall and has been consistent week in and week out. However, according to Johnson not everyone in that locker room that has started to go into the tank.

During an appearance on Barstool Chicago’s Red Line Radio, Johnson had an interesting quote about where things stand in the locker room with the final four games left:

“There is a side in the locker room that is starting to go into tank and you have guys that are still trying to fight and figure it out how we can get better,” Johnson said.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard something like this with the locker room including Johnson having comments a few weeks back about no more rah-rah speeches and even after the loss to Green Bay about adjustments the Packers made. Another loss on Monday and things are guaranteed to get worse with just a few games left.

You can listen to the full interview here in which Johnson talks about his breakout season as well as the future of the franchise.

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