This is a question that any basketball fan has had in their minds at some point in their lives. According to Rusty LaRue, an ex-Chicago guard, the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls could win championships in any era. He also suggested that the team would stack up well against the current Los Angeles Lakers or Milwaukee Bucks teams.

In the 1990s, there was no team strong enough to stop Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen. In that era, the Bulls became the most dominant outfit in the NBA. However, the NBA has changed significantly over the years with the likes of Stephen Curry, a three-point specialist, leading the Golden State Warriors to five consecutive NBA Finals. If you have been wagering on the NBA events on online sports betting NJ, you will agree that the game’s dynamics have changed. Nonetheless, LaRue, a rookie guard for the Bulls in 1997-98, is resolute that the Chicago team he was part of would effortlessly mix it up with LeBron James, Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Additionally, he claimed that he was certain that the team would compete for the championship and most likely win it. LaRue claims that his assumption is true because the Bulls were a team that was a little ahead of their time.

However, he acknowledges that the Bulls team might not have been the three-point barrage teams of the current era. But, their main strength was the multi-position guys, who were big guards that could play all over the court. For example, the team included Steve Kerr, who was a normal-sized guard but Jordan (6ft 6 ins), Kukoc (6ft 10ins), Pippen (6ft 8 ins) were able to guard multiple positions and play multiple positions.

LaRue also reminds basketball fans that Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Jordan could guard any position on the court. In this regard, he believes that the team would be a top team in the current era and would most certainly win consistent championships.

So, Who Are The 1997-98 Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls owned the world of basketball between 1991 and 1998. During this time, the team won six championships that consisted of two separate 3-peats. Moreover, it became the only team in professional sports history to accomplish such an achievement.

At the close of The Last Dance, Michael Jordan revealed that the Bulls were hungry for more success. He also stated that he believed the squad had what it took to get the job done. However, they did not get the chance because the Chicago dynasty ended.

How the Chicago Dynasty Came To an End

Several things led to the disbanding of the Bulls after their sixth ring. For instance, before that season, Jerry Krause, the Bulls general manager, revealed that Phil Jackson would not return despite the Bull’s success. This move effectively pushed Jordan out of the door because he had stated that he would only play for Jackson.

Phil Jackson had an illustrious career as a player and a coach, winning 13 NBA titles. This is the most in NBA history for a player/coach. The Bulls offered him a chance to return for the 1998-1999 season, but he turned it down.

Another challenge the Bulls hierarchy faced was the Scottie Pippen problem. Scottie had been underpaid throughout his career and was ready for the big payday. However, the Bulls were not ready to make his dream a reality considering he was already the sixth highest-paid player on the Bulls roster. As a result, Scottie was traded to Houston, signing a five-year 67 million USD deal.

Finally, Dennis Rodman was also released after the 1997-1998 season. Rodman would play only 35 games after that, wrapping up his career in Los Angeles and finally Dallas. With that, the Chicago Bulls lost four of their key players that drove their championship run.

The Game’s Dynamics Have Changed

The Spurs won the 1999 NBA title behind Tim Duncan and David Robinson. The two ballers referred to as “The Twin Towers” would later become Hall of Famers. The San Antonio ring was a turning point in the league. Big dominant players became key players in Larry O’Brien trophies. Some notable names include Shaquille O’Neal and Duncan, who played a key role in winning three consecutive titles with the LA Lakers.

The Chicago Bulls team did not have a dominant big man. It is critical to note that some of the best teams in the league never to reach the Finals fell to the Spurs teams led by Duncan or Lakers teams led by O’Neal. Examples include the great Portland Trailblazers led by Pippen and a number of Sacramento Kings teams of the 2000s.

With this in mind, it is correct to say that while the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls team was outstanding, it would lack what it takes to win a championship in the current era. However, it would be a competitive and entertaining team to watch. What do you think?


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