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Matt Nagy hasn’t officially been fired as head coach of the Chicago Bears but it’s expected following the team’s Week 18 game at Minnesota. While there’s some uncertainty about Ryan Pace, depending on who you ask, the Bears will be in the market for a head coach.

But who are their top targets?

Names have been floated around but the Bears haven’t been able to interview any candidates just yet. That will change very soon and when they do, one NFL insider revealed the biggest trait they are looking for in a head coach. In Albert Breer’s latest column for Sports Illustrated, he has a few Bears nuggets in there including what type of head coach they are looking for:

The Bears have been connected to both Harbaugh and Saints coach Sean Payton—but I don’t think they’d get into any sort of bidding war on either. And assuming Matt Nagy’s gone (GM Ryan Pace has a decent chance to survive), I’ve heard they won’t be focused solely on quarterback-developers like they were when they landed Nagy in 2018, with their focus likely on leader-of-men types. It’s also worth noting that owner George McCaskey has been very involved in the NFL’s diversity efforts, and the league has been bullish on the candidacy of Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. Frazier, a star corner on the vaunted 1985 Bears defense, has been raised to me repeatedly in regards to Buffalo’s plans. I’ve heard a few younger candidates that project as leaders, like Patriots LBs coach Jerod Mayo and Colts DC Matt Eberflus, will be in the mix, too. (Obviously, for these types, a plan for developing Justin Fields will be important.)

While that sounds fine, didn’t the Bears tell us that Nagy was a leader of men at one point? And how did that turn out? I’m not saying Breer is wrong at all but with a young quarterback in Justin Fields, there should be some focus on his development at least.

Let’s see how it goes…

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2 thoughts on “NFL insider points to key trait Chicago Bears are looking for in new head coach”

  1. I think in order for anyone that wants to coach or be a GM for the bears will not want to until they clear out the powers to be in the front office. Pace needs to go. Get a good GM someone like the guy in the Ravens office,he was a player. I think TE or WR. Try to bring Shaun Payton in, than take it from there.

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