Anquan Boldin, Santonio Holmes, Brandon Marshall all were traded this past month. And all the Bears did was pass on them.

All three of these receivers will be at the top of the depth chart for their new team. And all would be the number one guy in Chicago.

So why did Angelo and the Bears pass on these guys?

I mean besides Marshall, the asking price wasnt too steep was it?

Boldin went for third and fourth round picks, Holmes went for a fifth round pick. Marshall went for two second round picks in 2010 and 2011.

With a $47.5 million deal right after the trade, the Bears simply couldn’t afford Marshall.

But what about the other two?

While the Bears were making big moves in free agency, the Ravens made the biggest “quiet” move, by acquiring Boldin.

The Bears don’t pick until the third round this upcoming draft, but wide receiver seems to be a position the Bears could upgrade.

The other view of the argument is, the Bears have other issues more important, including safety and offensive line.

The Bears made little effort for Holmes. Bothered by legal issues, the Bears could have made a wise choice from staying away. Like they did in the past with Tank Johnson and Cedric Benson.

Angelo seems fine with the core the Bears have, and that’s all that matters. Cutler and the offense are going to have to make due.

Would I have loved to see Boldin, Holmes, or Marshall as a Bear? Of course I would, but it didn’t happen. Meaning what we have, is what we have.

Angelo could have made the right move by not acquiring Boldin or Holmes, or he could have made a huge mistakes. We can only wait in see during the 2010 season.

1 thought on “Angelo, Bears Seem Content With Receiving Core”

  1. I think the Bears will do great next season with what they have. Need I remind you how well they have done since giving Devin Aromashodu playing time late in the season?
    If they continue to play like they did in those last two games, the Bears will have no problems whatsoever this upcoming season.

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