According to multiple reports, the Cubs have offered arbitration to 3B Aramis Ramirez and 1B Carlos Pena. But decline to offer arbitration to RP Kerry Wood. All of whom are type B free agents.

The Aramis Ramirez offer came at no surprise as he’s likely to decline. He declined his part of the option which would have been a good 1 year contract. Ramirez’s agent already said Ramirez will not re-sign with the Cubs, saying “that ship has sailed”. So…if another teams signs Ramirez, which looks likely, the Cubs will receive a sandwich pick in next year’s amateur draft. However, it seems the market for Ramirez is slim, but his agent said there are 2 teams very interested in him. I just can’t see Ramirez accepting arbitration and he’ll be on a different team in 2012.

The Pena offer came as a surprise… a lot of us didn’t think he would be offer arbitration because there could be a chance he takes the 1 year contract. The market also seems slim for Pena, but after Pujols and Fielder signs, the market will probably open up. So… I doubt his agent Scott Boras will tell him to accept arbitration and look elsewhere. However, even if Pena does decline arbitration, he could still re-sign with the Cubs. Definitely if the Cubs strike out or do not go after Pujols/Fielder and can’t find a match via trade. As of right now, teams have said Pena’s asking price is “out of the world”. Meaning his demands are crazy.

The final type B free agent Kerry Wood was not offered arbitration. This came as no surprise. First, Wood will not sign with any other team besides the Cubs. Also, the Cubs are expected to re-sign Kerry Wood to a 1 or 2 year contract. Wood re-signing could come very soon.

Ramirez and Pena have until December 7th to accept or decline arbitration. I don’t see Ramirez accepting arbitration or even coming back with the Cubs in 2012 for that matter. Pena is a tough situation…I have to say he will decline arbitration, but there’s a chance he’ll still re-sign with the Cubs.

The Cubs did not offer arbitration to OF Reed Johnson, RP John Grabow, P Rodrigo Lopez and P Ramon Ortiz. Well this was obvious as the Cubs can get nothing in return for any of them if they sign with another team. All were not qualified as a type A or B free agent. It’s being rumored that OF Reed Johnson could re-sign with the Cubs on a 1 year contract. That would likely come later in the off-season, closer to spring training.

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