Are the Chicago Cubs Talking About a 3-Team Trade?

According to Roch Kubatko of Masnsports, the Chicago Cubs are once again talking to the Detroit Tigers about starting pitcher Rich Porcello. However, the Tigers don’t think Cubs have enough to make it a 2-team trade and are trying to get the Baltimore Orioles involved in talks. The Tigers would like the Orioles to add SS JJ Hardy to the deal.

The trade would look a little like this, from the report: 

Cubs get:
SP Rich Porcello from DET

Tigers get:
SS JJ Hardy from BAL

Orioles get:
Pitching from CHI

The problem: The Orioles don’t really want to trade Hardy and if they do, they will have to be overwhelmed. The Cubs probably won’t be able to do that, since they don’t have pitching the Orioles would be all over. There are other pieces the Cubs could send over to the Orioles, though.

The Orioles need relief pitching and have been linked to Carlos Marmol in the pass. The Cubs are more than open to trading Marmol. The Orioles have also been linked to OF Alfonso Soriano in the past and may still like him. The Orioles are interested in trading for Arizona Diamondbacks OF Justin Upton, but the price was too high. So, maybe the Orioles trade for Soriano as a low-bargain player and look to trade for Upton when the price comes down. That’s all speculation on my part. I would have to think the Tigers would have to add one more player in the trade.

The Orioles are also one team who has interest in Porcello. The report suggested: “why not have it a 2-player trade with the Tigers and Orioles?” That would mean, kicking the Cubs to the curb. That can happen, but it’s all ‘can’s’ right now.

The Cubs could also trade Travis Wood in the deal and that would make sense too. However, the Cubs would have to offer more. I heard Junior Lake’s name come up, but that’s unconfirmed.

If the Cubs were to acquire Porcello and Wood was not involved, look for Matt Garza’s rumors to heat up when he’s shown to be healthy. Even if Wood is involved, we will probably still hear Garza’s name in the rumors in a couple months.

A lot of Cub fans don’t want the Cubs to acquire Porcello because he’s been pretty bad as of late. But Porcello is a player Team Theo would like. Since he had the hype in the minors and has huge upside. Also, he’s in their age range when acquiring players.

As of right now, I say a trade is pretty unlikely. But the MLB has surprises all the time and you just never know what will happen.

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