Author: Ned F

Grouse Mountain
The second most popular skiing resort in the Vancouver area, Grouse Mountain, is just forty-five minutes out and offers six different terrain parks. You don’t have to worry about limited hours since most terrains are open as late as ten pm. The intermediate and advanced terrain comes with lifts to easily take you up the mountain and are part of why this area is so popular.
Mount Washington
This resort town is the perfect place to go if you want to save money and avoid Whistler but don’t mind a drive. Sitting over four hours away from Vancouver, Mount Washington is known primarily as a resort town, with the perk of being an awesome place to ski and snowboard.

This is an awesome place to vacation if you’re getting away for a weekend, but it’s important to know that many of its facilities operate at a smaller capacity, or may be closed, on weekdays. Although you can still enjoy the resort all week, it’s best on Saturday and Sunday.
Cypress Mountain
Just an hour outside of Vancouver, Cypress Mountain is the largest ski resort in this area. With endless slopes to try out, offering difficulty ranging from terrain that little kids can try out to more challenging slopes that are better for professionals, you’ll get to test your skills- and improve them- while taking on some of the most beautiful slopes in the country.

Snowshoeing is also incredibly popular here, allowing nonskiers to enjoy the views of mountains, rivers, and wildlife while keeping their feet firmly planted through the entire exercise.
There’s Nothing Like Skiing Near Vancouver
Although it’s expensive to ski anywhere, and you have to be in the coldest region of the country during the chilliest months: there’s nothing like skiing in the Vancouver area. There’s a reason that these slopes are internationally renowned; travel here and find it for yourself!