Bears’ Affairs: Why Bears’ Fans Should Be Excited About Dan LeFevour

In all my experience conversing with long-time, die-hard Chicago Bears’ fans, none of them have spoken a single word regarding a quarterback being brought up by the Bears into the professional level properly and slowly.

While the Chicago Bears, established in 1919 but moved to the Windy City in 1921, have had a rich tradition of loyal, ride-or-die players- never has there been a quarterback prospect become slowly engaged with the system and coaching before getting his time to shine.

Despite all the past and present skilled players for the Chicago Bears, very few of them have been quarterbacks. To this day, there’s not an idol under center for Chicago Bears’ fans besides Sid Luckman.

Yet when we finally draft a smart, athletic, accurate quarterback for a steal in the sixth round, Bears’ fans criticize the team calling it “a wasted pick.”

First off, I don’t see how a sixth round is a wasted pick as there’s normally not a targeted player jumping out of the crowd by that point in time.

Secondly, Dan LeFevour is a very good pick by the Chicago Bears’ management, and here’s why.

Dan LeFevour, the Central Michigan quarterback who holds the NCAA record for most touchdowns with 149, has more experience compared to any particular individual within the 2010 NFL Draft.

Having being placed as a starter in 2006, his freshman year, many analysts state that LeFevour has more game-time than most quarterbacks- and he has definitely shown the word all Bears’ fanatics haven’t had in a long time.


Yes, you read it right. Dan LeFevour has been consistent throughout his collegic career.

Need a bit of proof? Well, here’s the statistics sheet.

2006: Passing
247 completions on 388 attempts (63.7%) for 3,031 yards. 26 touchdown passes, 10 interceptions.

2006: Rushing
123 rushing attempts for 521 yards. 4.0 average.

2007: Passing
355 completions on 543 attempts (65.4%) for 3,652 yards. 27 touchdown passes, 13 interceptions.

2007: Rushing
188 rushing attempts for 1,112 yards. 6.0 average.

2008: Passing
251 completions on 376 attempts. (66.8%) for 2,784 yards. 21 touchdown passes, 6 interceptions.

2008: Rushing
168 rushing attempts for 592 yards. 3.5 average.

2009: Passing
318 completions on 456 attempts (69.7%) for 3,438 yards. 28 touchdown passes, 7 interceptions.

2009: Rushing
183 rushing attempts for 713 yards. 3.9 average.

And it doesn’t stop there.

On paper, Dan LeFevour looks like a great prospect. In person, it’s a whole different story- he looks like an amazing prospect.

LeFevour grew up as a Walter Payton freak. Sweetness was his idol, and LeFevour bases his intensity off the great running back.

In addition, Dan is, as expected, a Chicago Bears’ fan. He is surely humbled with the opportunity to play for his hometown and favorite team. Football fanatics know that humbleness can be one of many keys to success when it comes to gridiron play.

To sum it all up, Dan LeFevour is a very good pick by the Chicago Bears. Not only is he an accurate quarterback that can move just as good as he can pass, but he is a very good, humble man that has the mechanics to succeed in the National Football League.

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