Just hours after announcing the team had traded for pro-bowl WR Brandon Marshall, the team signed it’s back-up quarterback. Jason Campbell will be the back-up quarterback incase Jay Cutler gets injured. The entire city of Chicago saw how valuable a back-up quarterback is when Cutler went down this past season. 7-3 and a winning streak turned into a 8-8 collapse led by Caleb Hanie.

Fans hope we won’t have to see Campbell play but having the re-assurance of a quality quarterback behind Cutler is what we needed. Campbell is a 7 year veteran and has started for most of those years. Drafted by the Redskins in the 1st round in 2005, Campbell spent most of his playing time under center in Washington.

After a couple seasons, he found himself in Oakland. Campbell gave the Raiders life for a couple games before being lost for the season with a broken clavicle. Campbell was 4-2 while throwing for 1,170 yards, 6 TD’s, and 4 INT’s.

Once Matt Flynn finds himself starting for a new team via free agency, Campbell could very well be the best back-up QB in the NFL.

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