Bears Keep Mel Tucker

The Bears announce that they will keep the coaching staff in tact for the 2014 season with two exceptions. Defensive line coach Mike Phair and linebacker coach Tim Tibesar were the only two coaches relieved of their duties after an abysmal 2013 season from both positional groups.

Phair was a holdover from the Lovie Smith era and was DL coach since 2011. Tibesar worked with Trestman in Montreal from 2009-2011 as his defensive coordinator, and only served one year for the Bears.

That means that defensive coordinator Mel Tucker will get another year with the Bears to improve the worst run defense in NFL history.

One thought on “Bears Keep Mel Tucker

  • January 12, 2014 at 5:24 PM

    Now you need to see if you can get Urlacher to be your LB coach. He can work with all the ones you have and teach Briggs to call the signals and help with who you might want to get in the draft at LB or a big safety like he was and turn him into a LB. Once you get past the LB’s, they were getting big yards. That was something that Urlacher and Briggs was able to stop. Plus the coverage he can teach.

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