Bears sign top pick Carimi

Chicago Bears announced Friday that they have signed their first round pick, Gabe Carimi. With this signing, all five draft picks are now under contract.

The Bears selected OL Carimi with the 29th pick overall out of the University of Wisconsin. Bears hope that he will be able to shore up the offensive line that allowed 56 sacks last season. It’s unofficial what position Carimi will play but, he is expected to be on the practice field Saturday afternoon.

Pass blocking: Has the elite agility and nimble feet to protect the quarterback’s blindside. Very difficult to turn the corner against because of his lateral movement and solid footwork. Also protects the inside lane well. Delivers a strong hand punch capable of knocking back an opponent, and is able to recoil and extend again. Uses his length to block his man with one hand and knock an edge blitzer off his path with the other. Quick to cut on bubble screens and reverses, though he could get more of his man’s legs to be truly effective. Bends at the waist while engaged; usually holds on to prevent secondary rush but will also end up on the ground too often.

Run blocking: Known as an athletic pass protector, but is a strong blocker for the Badger run game. Has strong upper and lower body builds despite his height. Plays with leverage against stout defensive ends and tackles on the edge, can get under their pads and churn his legs to move them down or off the line. Effective combo blocker, gets a hand on a tackle and still manages to push ends out of the play on strong-side runs. Leans or bends at the waist to latch on at times, will get shed and lose his balance.

Carimi will sure add size to the line. He is 6’7”, 314 pounds.


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