Bears vs. Cowboys Proves the Sports World Wrong… Again.

Monday night’s game between the Bears and the Cowboys brought back memories of those Super Bowl Bears of 2006, at least for the defense.  Luckily, Jay Cutler’s offense didn’t remind us of that wacky Rex Grossman and the 2006 Bears offense.  I’m not saying that the Bears are Super Bowl bound just yet, but I do get some flashbacks of the ’06 season when all the sports experts say the Bears are going nowhere, and then they end up with record-breaking upsets.

Almost every pompous sportscaster in the country picked the Cowboys over the Bears for Monday night, but Bears fans are used to that.  I have to think that a C.E.O. of ESPN got pick-pocketed in Chicago some time back in the day, and every sportscaster discredits and criticizes the Bears just to brownnose a little bit.  This does make it extra sweet when the Monsters of the Midway not only upset a game on Monday Night Football, but they absolutely embarrass a respected team and a worshipped quarterback like Tony Romo.

After half-time, Cutler completed 11 of 12 passes for 219 yards and two touchdowns. Devin Hester finally stepped up big on the passing game with an amazing diving catch in the end zone, his first TD catch since week 6 of 2011.  Even though Cutler’s offense could have easily been the talk of the game, the Bears D picked off superstar Dallas quarterback Tony Romo a whopping 5 times and returned two of those picks for touchdowns.

How about this Bears defense?  About 5 members of the Bears’ starting defense are over 30 years old.  Their age doesn’t seem to be slowing them down a bit.  When these guys are living in an old folks’ home in 50 years, there’s going to be great pickup football games on the front lawn area next to the swinging patio chair.  Can’t you imagine an 84 year old Lance Briggs demolishing a decrepit Aaron Rodgers and shattering the floor of the shuffleboard court?  It will definitely be something to look forward to.

I also think it’s great that Brandon Marshall is wearing a Bears uniform this season.  You can’t help but sing, “reunited and it feels so good” every time Cutler throws a quick pass to Marshall, who caught 7 passes for 138 yards with a touchdown.  The best part about this Bears’ season is that you can get excited about the defense, the offense and the special teams all at the same time.  I guess just these three aspects of the Bears alone are not worthy of national praise.

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    Nice article, agree on all points.

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