Beer of the Week 10/18

Each week we’ll be offering up a beer that we found noteworthy. We’ll be sticking mainly to local beers, and we’ll make sure they’re all something you can pick up for yourself. Hopefully you’ll find each beer to be something worth grabbing from your local liquor store and enjoying this weekend.

This week’s Beer of the Week is the Two Brothers Oh Brother! Tripel Ale

A Belgian tripel with a bright orange color and a fruity Belgian-style aroma (if you’ve ever had a Belgian tripel, or really any Belgian ale, you know what I’m talking about), this beer packs a hefty punch. The malty, creamy sweetness and dried fruit flavors are complex enough to never bore you, and at 10.5% ABV in a 22 oz. bottle, this one can carry you through the majority of a football game in classy inebriating style.

Oh Brother! is a part of the Two Brothers’ 15th Anniversary celebration where they’ve been brewing 15 beers from their past. All the beers were well-received but have disappeared from production. Be sure to keep an eye out for the other 14 as they pop up during their limited releases, the few that I’ve been lucky enough to find have been great.

Enjoy your weekend!

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