Beer of the Week 11/2

This week’s BOTW: Half Acre The Hammer, The Bullet, & The Vise

note: beer in glass is Li’l Blaster

Half Acre is definitely a favorite of mine. It’s hard to dislike a brewing company that makes great beer AND is nearly in my backyard.

This week I picked The Hammer, The Bullet, & The Vise from Half Acre. It’s an English Brown that’s thick and malty with a kick of hops to keep things balanced.

Also, it only comes in a growler, so that’s 64oz of beer to keep you occupied.

I do have an ulterior motive for picking a growler-only beer from Half Acre this week. The rumor on the street is that their tap room will be opening soon (Chicago Tribune says it’s open right now… as in 2 seconds ago). So, I’m going there to get a growler fill, but will keep my fingers crossed that I’ll end up sitting at the bar, trying out some of their new experimental beers, and thoroughly enjoying my afternoon.

Look at how nice this place is gonna be!


More at the Half Acre website.

Enjoy your weekend!

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