Bob LeGere of Daily Herald Rips Reilly for Cutler Article

Bear fans have gotten used to the idea of the media ripping Jay Cutler. Rick Reilly of ESPN is the latest culprit of Cutler hate. However, this article has nothing to do with Cutler’s on-field play.

It is a personal jab at Cutler as a person and lacks any substantial football merit. I would have much more respect for this clown had he berated Cutler for his inconsistency or turnovers. Instead, he took aim at Cutler as a human being.

Just a couple days out from a playoff game, Rick Reilly’s concern is in the wrong place. Instead of looking into how Cutler performs on the field, Reilly’s grudge was aimed at Cutler’s eye movement when asked questions.

This didn’t sit well with Bears’ nation. Or Bob LeGere of the Daily Herald. LeGere responded with his own article titled “Who’s the jerk?”

LeGere goes on to refute just about every detail of Reilly’s article. Read LeGere’s response and pass it onto other fans, friends, facebook, etc. The world first realized what an idiot Trent Dilfer was, now it’s time for Reilly to receive his due.

BOB LEGERE IS A MAN. Rick Reilly is just a punk.

2 thoughts on “Bob LeGere of Daily Herald Rips Reilly for Cutler Article

  • January 17, 2011 at 1:53 PM

    “What he is is an RPG-armed, 27-year-old Vanderbilt product who dates a reality TV star named Kristin Cavallari, battles Type 1 diabetes every day, and doesn’t care who understands him and who doesn’t. He’s a giving person who does things behind the scenes and hates it when he gets found out. A few days before Christmas, he and Cavallari brought presents for an entire ward of sick hospital kids. A reporter for the Sun-Times got wind of it and asked him about it. Cutler refused to discuss it.

    He’s a battler who’s done amazingly well considering the swinging saloon-door offensive line he has to play behind. The man has been sacked more times this season (52) than in his three seasons in Denver combined (51). Yet he never complains.”

    That’s directly from Rick Reilly’s article. If you bothered to read it, you’d see that he was using that story as an example to show how misunderstood Cutler is, not to blast him.

  • January 18, 2011 at 2:09 AM

    RPG-Armed is right.

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