Breaking Down The Recent Blackhawks Trade Rumors

As the NHL trade deadline quickly creeps up on the GM’s, many teams will look to either improve their cup chances, or build for the future by trading away veteran talent for young prospects.

Trade rumors are prevalent all over the internet from both professional hockey writers and bloggers looking for people to visit their sites.  Today, one rumor that hit Twitter involved the Blackhawks and their defenseman Brent Seabrook…and it wasn’t from a blogger.

Rogers Sportsnet Broadcaster Roger Millions said today on his twitter (@RogMillions):

“A source of mine close to the Hawks says they may be talking of trading Brent Seabrook…perhaps to Edmonton. Really? C’mon”

Could this be true? Maybe…It did come from a more reliable source than a random blogger.  With Edmonton having a surplus of young talented forwards, and the Blackhawks having a system full of young, developing defenseman waiting to break into the NHL, it seems to be a good fit.

More rumors involving the Hawks were mentioned yesterday on twitter by The Fourth Period Magazine (@TheFourthPeriod).  In their article Here, they mention the possibility of former Hawks defenseman Brent Sopel returning to Chicago in a trade with Atlanta.  As the article states, Atlanta GM Rick Dudley was heavily involved with the drafting of Jack Skille by the hawks when he was the Director of Player Personnel in Chicago, thus offering Skille as the possible piece going to Atlanta in said trade.

This trade again makes alot of sense for the Blackhawks who could use Sopel to shore up their 3rd defense pairing, while having a huge expiring contract to come off their books this summer.  Also, Skille’s roster spot could easily be filled by Jeremy Morin, a training camp standout who has had trouble finding a spot on the NHL roster.

While it seems unlikely that the Hawks would unload Seabrook to open a defensive spot for a veteran defenseman in Sopel rather than a young developing guy, the chances of BOTH deals happening is slim. However, one trade or the other could easily happen, but will they? How will Bowman be able to defend his choice of breaking up the tandem of Keith and Seabrook fans were told would be the top pairing of the future?  Would the Hawks finally give up on their 2005 1st round pick? A guy picked ahead of NHL all-star Anze Kopitar and other top league talents?…February 28th can’t come fast enough.

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