Bulls Don’t Miss a Beat in New Orleans

With Derrick Rose’s back-spasms keeping him in limited action and availability, the Bulls carried on in New Orleans to face the Hornets. The Hornets hold the worst record in the Western Conference. The Bulls have done well in mending issues of playing down to ‘gutter-teams so far this season.

Despite his 9 point finish, Luol kept the ball out of Trevor Ariza's hands all game long.

Derrick Rose started the game. He looked to get other players going early, which may give away some of the strategy going forward. If he can’t be the main source of scoring, his game is shifting to jump starting the rest of the team.

The Bulls started strong by going up 21-8, until Chris Kaman came into the game and provided excellent play on both ends of the court.  Unfortunately, that was the Hornet’s best effort of the game, as the Bulls phoned the rest of the game in, to win easily.

Joakim Noah scored another double-double in a solid performance. Boozer shot well, Taj had a solid game, and Omer rounded out the frontcourt with a strong performance in the paint. Noah and Asik weren’t credited with any blocks, but they did manage to to get their finger tips on a lot of shots, in parts to holding New Orleans to a 37% shooting night from the field.

Despite limited action, Rose still lead all assist totals, with 6. He only scored 6 points, but he showed a few different(successful) moves, including a face-up and turn around post move, that he hasn’t shown much of in his career.

This was no contest, however, the Bulls did win by 20+ points. The big win set a NBA record, for most consecutive road wins, with a 20+ point margin of victory with 3 games.

Will Ferrell paid homage to the ABA with a “Semi-Pro” script, reading player introductions for both teams. As you can see from the picture, he did not dress as Jackie Moon. However, Stacey King made no reference to Brian Scalabrine during the call-outs.

The Bulls defeat the New Orleans Hornets, 90-67 and move to 22-6 for the season.

Next Game: Friday at the Charlotte Bobcats. Tip off at 7:00PM CST

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