The Sacramento Kings visit the United Center to kick off the NBA regular season against the Bulls. On Hallow’s Eve, the UC was filled with costumes, including Benny in a Grim Reaper cape and two people running around in the background of the game dressed as Mario and Luigi. The good news is the Bulls didn’t need the get-ups and gimmicks to provide entertainment.

We were reminded today why options matter.
Richard Hamilton and Kirk Hinrich led the charge in the first half. Then Joakim Noah came on strong in the second half.

Kirk had 6 dimes in the first half, along with an impressive block that didn’t get counted on the official statsheet. It’s too soon to tell if Kirk’s legs were messing with his shot, or if he was just having a notorious Kirk shooting night, as he went 1-7 from the field. However, Hinrich still made some solid connections on the floor. All-in-all, he had a bad game, despite the outcome.

In the second half, Noah managed to get to the line consistently. Sacramento big-man, DeMarcus Cousins was frustrated all night long by Noah’s shadow. Cousins committed seven turnovers, four of which were stolen by Joakim. Noah finished with a game high 23 points and 5 steals. He also completed a double-double with 10 boards and added 3 blocks and 3 assists.

Kings Guard, Aaron Brooks lost a tooth after diving simultaneously with Hinrich for a loose ball in the third quarter. As both dived for the ball, Hinrich’s body and Brook’s head both met as their bodies were impacted on the hardwood floor. The contact was fully incidental and the King’s did not look to retaliate.

The game was close until the third quarter, where the Bulls put together a few strong runs to pull away. The Chicago Bulls win 93 to 87.

Next game: At Cleveland to face the Cavaliers on Friday.

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