Bulls Prepare for Knicks Rematch With Derrick Rose Day-to-Day

It was a bittersweet Easter Sunday for the Chicago Bulls when they dropped an overtime game to the Knicks 100-99. However, Derrick Rose finally returned to the lineup after missing 12 games, but is it too early to celebrate?

At some point in that game, Derrick Rose tweaked his ankle. He spent all of Monday in a walking boot. After already missing games due to turf toe, a groin injury and back spasms, is he about to add some sort of ankle injury to that list?

For right now, the answer is unknown. He is listed as a game time decision for tonight’s, sure to be heated, rematch with the New York Knicks.

The Knicks started off the heated affair on Sunday by taking a very quick 21 point lead. However, the resilient Bulls were in the lead by the time the fourth quarter started.

With less than 4 minutes left in regulation, the Bulls had a ten point lead. Both Luol Deng and Derrick Rose were fouled in the last minute of the game, and they missed their combined four free throws.

Down by three, Carmelo Anthony (who had a season high 43 points) made a game tying three with 11 seconds left.

With the game on the line, the Bulls were comfortable giving Derrick Rose the go-ahead shot as they had so many times before. No magic from the MVP this time though, folks. After missing the shot, the game was sent into overtime.

In overtime, we had an almost exact replication of what we saw in regulation. With 8 seconds left, Carmelo Anthony sank yet another contested 3, putting the Knicks up by one.

Again, the Bulls were going to have the last shot of the game. And again, everyone in Madison Square Garden knew Derrick Rose would be getting the ball. And again, Derrick Rose failed to make the shot and the New York Knicks won the game.

The Bulls have only had all five starters on the floor at once 11 times this season. Richard Hamilton hasn’t been playing big minutes, and it makes you wonder if he’s ever going to be able to. He doesn’t play in the 4th when you need big plays. He doesn’t really play anytime after the first quarter until the third quarter. And near the end of the third, he’s done for the game.

For tonight’s matchup, if Rose is playing, I’d like to see Hamilton and Rose get more minutes together. Rose played 39 in his first game back on Sunday opposed to Hamilton’s 18 minutes (none of which came in the 4th quarter).

We’ll see tonight at 8:30 on ESPN if Derrick Rose will be playing, and if he takes his frustration from his last game out on Carmelo and the Knicks.

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