Chi-Town: We have a problem!

0-3 is what the Sox record was against the Cleveland Indians, yes, the Cleveland Indians.  For those who didn’t watch the game you would have saw that the Sox were losing 7-0, in the 2nd inning.  The Mets didn’t even allow that many runs in their 20 inning game! Gavin Floyd was bad, no he was horrible as he was only credited with 1 inning pitched after he couldn’t retire a batter in the 2nd.  One bright spot for the Sox was the two inning relief apperance by south paw Randy Williams.  Williams allowed no hits a struk out four.  The Sox are off tomorrow (thankfully) and take on Evan Longoria and the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday.  Jonny Danks takes on David Price. The Sox are a spectacular 4-9 this year.

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