Chicago Bears 2010 Fantasy Football Watch : Week 2 vs Cowboys

Each week we’ll be looking at how the top performers from the Bears did in terms of Fantasy Football. We’ll give you a brief list of who lit up their respective fantasy score boards, and who were the duds from that week.

Fantasy Football Top Performers

1.) Jay Cutler : 21 for 29 for 277 Yards, 3 Touchdowns, 0 INTs. Jay Cutler put on another dominant performance. After early signs of distress due to inefficient blocking from the offensive line, Cutler looked to the quick pass off the blitz. The offense adjusted to the pressure and Cutler started racking up the yards. With close to 300 yards on the day and 3 Touchdowns and no turnovers, Cutler is a easy pick for the #1 performer of the week.

2.) Devin Hester : 4 Catches for 77 Yards, 1 TD (9 yards) Yes, Devin Hester has made his way into our top performers. Hester had a great one handed touchdown catch from 9 yards out that made many highlight reels. Hester also had a great 38 yard gain which left them right on the goal line, about to go up 2 scores near the end of the 4th quarter. With a good performance, Hester’s confidence is at an all-time high as a WR. Look for this to carry over against Green Bay.

Fantasy Football Duds

1.) Devin Aromoshodu : 0 Catches, 0 Yards, 0 TDs. Devin Aromashodu was nowhere to be found. After a couple easy drops in Week 1, he found himself riding the pine this week. Aromashodu was slated by many to be the #1 sleeper in fantasy football this season. He was sleeping on Sunday alright.

2.) Bears Defense : Gave up 20 points, 374 passing yards by Tony Romo. The Bears defense yielded no points for fantasy owners this week. Romo passed on them almost at will for 374 yards. The 2 interceptions Romo threw came off deflections which landed in D.J. Moore’s arms. Don’t look for the Bears defense to bring you any points this upcoming week vs Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense.

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