Chicago Bulls Fan Put Up Billboard For LeBron James

Chicago Bulls fans are serious about bringing LeBron James to Chicago. Serious enough to put up a billboard in downtown Chicago advertising for LeBron to come to Chicago when NBA free agency starts on July 1st. There has been a lot of buzz about LeBron James leaving Cleveland and potentially landing in Chicago.

The buzz has been sharing headlines with the Chicago Blackhawks, who are two games away from winning the NHL Stanley Cup. The implications could be huge for Chicago should they land arguably the biggest free agent in the history of the NBA.

Not only would the team do tremendously better, but the economic status of the city of Chicago would rise too. Chicagobusiness ran an article that discussed the economic impact of this acquisition.

The LeBron effect could add up to as much as $2.7 billion if he plays here for six years, estimates University of Illinois at Chicago economist John Skorburg. The catch: He’d have to take the Bulls on deep, annual playoff runs, sprinkling in at least a few NBA championships along the way.

LeBron to Chicago? It could be huge. Chicago Bulls fan A.J. Barthold is doing everything in his power to make this dream, a reality. He started up the website a couple weeks ago and the campaign is really picking up steam. The site has been featured on ESPN,, the Chicago Red Eye newspaper, etc.

The latest in the campaign was the unveiling of the billboard the website raised money for. It is located in downtown Chicago at Grand & Lasalle street. The announcement on their site can be found here and here are the pictures of the billboard.

If you want to help spread the word about the campaign, forward the link to friends, post it on your twitter, email it, etc. I’ll try to get some personal shots of the billboard later tonight when I stop by to see it.


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