Chicago Bulls/Toronto Raptors Trade Revived?

KC Johnson reports once again that the Chicago Bulls still have an offer on the table to the Toronto Raptors. We heard last week that the Bulls made an offer to the Raptors of Carlos Boozer for Andrea Bargnani. But the trade did not meet financials and the trade could not happen.

Now we hear that the Bulls have a standing offer to the Raptors of Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson for Andrea Bargnani and John Lucas III. The trade is reportedly up to the Raptors and they can accept the trade at any time.

A Boozer for Bargnani trade would not work due to the league’s trade rules, but adding Robinson’s minimum salary and Lucas’s 1.5 salary, would make the trade work.

The Bulls are in need of trading Boozer, so they can be under the luxury-tax threshold. This trade would allow them and they won’t have to pay more in taxes.

Both Boozer and Bargnani are signed through the 2015 season, but Boozer (32.1 million) makes almost 10 million more than Bargnani (22.25 million).

The Raptors would easily be the winners of the trade, but they may not accept the trade for a couple reasons. 1) They would have to pay more money in taxes, 2) they would be tied down financially and 3) they would not be able to make a any other moves to improve their team.

Don’t forget the Raptors just acquired a big contract in Rudy Gay. Gay will make a little under 18 million next season and has a player option for a little under 20 million for the 2014/2015 season. (In which I doubt he declines.) So, it’s hard to say the Raptors would make the trade.

Boozer is having the best season in a Bulls uniform and is better than Bargnani no doubt. Robinson is better player than Lucas easily and honestly, I would hate to see him back in a Bulls uniform.

KC Johnson has also reported the Bulls will not release Boozer next year and wipe out his whole contract. That’s why the Bulls want to acquire a player that has a less salary. With the trade, the Bulls can’t release Bargnani and wipe out his contract. So, the Bulls will have Bargnani the next 2 seasons – barring no trade.

I’ll be honest and say, I hate the look of the trade. Yes, I know the Bulls have a long chance of winning the championship … but come on, don’t give up. Anything can happen in the playoffs. Injuries do occur and that can change the whole series. The Bulls were the #1 seed last year and Rose/Noah suffered an injury and could not challenge the 8th seed 76ers too much.

If the Bulls were to make this trade, I would tell Rose it’s a guarantee that you’re not returning this season. There’s no point when the Bulls will have an even less chance to win it all.

The only positive of Bargnani is he’s tall and can provide more depth to the front-court to give Noah more rest during games and he can also shoot the 3’s in which the Bulls are also looking for. But he’s be struggling from behind the arc this year.

All in all, this is a trade to just save money and don’t pay the luxury-tax.

The Bulls have also talked to the Brooklyn Nets about Boozer, but to no dice as of now. The Nets want to trade Kris Humphries, but the Bulls want no part of him. The Bulls are trying to get a 3rd team involved to take Humphries, but no taker yet.

I guess we’ll see what happens from now to Thursday – the trade deadline.


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