Chicago Cubs to Look at Brad Ausmus if Dale Sveum is Let Go

Peter Gammons of MLBNetwork states that Dale Sveum will be fired and the Chicago Cubs will look at former catcher Brad Ausmus as his replacement.

If Sveum is indeed let go, Ausmus will be one of many candidates the Cubs will consider as their new manager. Ausmus, once a player, has never been a coach anywhere in the minors or majors. Ausmus is 44-years old and is currently the Special Assistant to Baseball Operations for the San Diego Padres. Ausmus currently lives in San Diego.

Ausmus is well-respected around the league and knows the game very well. Ausmus was a candidate for a few teams last off-season of whom needed a new manager. He played 19 seasons in the MLB with 6 teams, most notably the Houston Astros.

The Cubs number once choice for manager if Sveum is let go is Joe Girardi. The Cubs and Girardi are said to have mutual interest, but the decision will ultimately be up to Girardi.

Ausmus will be a manager at some point in his lifetime, but I can’t see him being the next Cubs manager. I expect the Cubs to hire a proven major league manager and not a rookie manager. The Cubs went that direction with Sveum and that hasn’t gone too well.

Just remember: Sveum may still be retained and all of the ‘candidate’ ideas will go out the window. But from most reports and what people close to the Cubs think, Sveum will be let go on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs to Look at Brad Ausmus if Dale Sveum is Let Go

  • September 28, 2013 at 3:22 AM

    Gammons never said that Sveum will be fired. He said that Ausmus was an option,in his opinion, IF Sveum were to be fired.

  • September 28, 2013 at 1:20 PM

    The report I read said he said Sveum will be fired.

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