Chicago Cubs to Offer Good Money for a Free Agent Catcher?

Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors hears the Chicago Cubs will offer good money for a free agent catcher. Dierkes says he’s heard that from a multiple agents. Dierkes goes on to say the agents are underestimating Welington Castillo and can only see the Cubs going after a back-up catcher.

Tom Loxas of the Loxas Factor says he has heard the Cubs will be in the market for a left-handed hitting catcher. He did not mention if that’s as a starter or a back-up. But Loxas loves Castillo and only sees the Cubs signing a left-handed back-up catcher.

The Cubs do indeed love Castillo and see him as a core piece, along with Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo and Travis Wood. Castillo had a great season on both sides of the ball (offensively and defensively).

The Cubs would love to have back-up catcher Dioner Navarro back, but many believe he’ll find a better job with more playing time. Navarro should be able to find a starting job after a stellar season with the Cubs. I think the Cubs would pay to keep him, but he will be looking for more playing time more than anything else. Navarro does fit the Cubs bill as a left-handed hitting catcher. Navarro is a switch hitter.

Brian McCann is one player than stands out. As he’s a left-handed hitting catcher. McCann is a good player and player than a lot of teams would like to have. It’s been reported that the Texas Rangers will make a strong push for McCann. I do like McCann, but I cannot see a match.

There’s speculation the Cubs could trade Castillo for a core player and sign a free agent catcher like McCann. I just don’t see that happening either.

I would be shocked if the Cubs do trade Castillo after the coaching staff and front office praised his play all season long.

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