Chicago Cubs Trying to Lockup Starlin Castro Long-Term **Update: Deal Done**

Update 2:24 p.m.-Re-Breaking News: While the Cubs keep shelling out home runs, news broke that they have locked up Castro to a 7-year deal with an option for the 8th year. The 7 years that are guranteed is for 60 million, while the option for the 8th year is worth 16 million. If the Cubs do pick up the option, the deal can be worth 76 million. Castro, whom is 22-years old will play until he’s 29-30 years old. If he does stick with the Cubs. Terms of the deal becoming official is still being worked on, but will be done shortly. I would imagine, there will be incentives in the deal and could make the deal even larger.

The deal is great for both Castro and the Cubs. If Castro keeps producing like he has, he will be worth even more money. You see teams locking up their young players way more now. Perfect examples are … Rays’ 3B Even Longoria (6 years, 17.5 million) and Pirates’ OF Andrew McCutchen (6 years, 50 million).

I’m glad that Castro will be a Cubs for way more and I can contine to watch him improve.

Since the deal is not “officially” finalize, more deals should be revealed and I will have your update here. The announcement should be announce shortly after…

Breaking news hit last night from CSN David Kaplan that the Chicago Cubs and 22-year SS Starlin Castro are working on a long-term extension. Kaplan, whom we all thought had very bad sources has been right thus far in the Theo era. I think Kaplan did not have good insight when Jim Hendry was in charge, but now we can believe all he says (for now…). Kaplan was later acknowledge by Castro’s agent Paul Kinsler that both sides are indeed working a long-term extension. Also, both Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein spoke on the matter.

Theo Epstein on Starlin Castro and extension talks: (provided by CSN Patrick Mooney)

“It’s something we’d like to get done. I think it would be a good thing for Starlin and for the ballclub.”

“You got an extremely talented 22-year-old who to us has proven that he can play shortstop at this level.”

“We project the bat to get better and better as he matures into his prime.”

“People forget…he’s an age where he’d be appropriate or even young for the level if he was at Double-A right now.”

“It’s the easiest thing in the world to look at a very young player like (Castro) in the big leagues and point out what he can’t do.”

Other media outlets also chimed in on the Castro extension talks:

Ken Rosenthal said, “Sources: Cubs deal with Castro will be for 6 or 7 yrs plus club option for another yr. Will buy out all 4 years arb and 2 or 3 FA years.” Also, Rosnthal mentioned, “Castro has 4 yrs arb eligibility as a Super Two player. Talks with Cubs  continue to progress. Deal could happen early next week or sooner.”

Buster Olney also brought up a key essential piece to remember about the negotiations… “since last Fall, the club has a policy of no no-trade causes”.

To sum up all the Castro extension talks to date … the Cubs will wipe out all of Castro’s arbitration years and a few years of free agency. Also, the rumors of Castro not being apart of the future can come to end now. Of all the news in the past day or so, I’m more than happy about the rumors ending of Castro not being apart of the future. Those rumors got to me and drove me nuts. A trade involving Castro did not make sense and Epstein/Hoyer are showing they think so too.

Finally, Castro does not want to be apart of the extension talks. He told his agent Paul Kinsler, tell me when the deal is almost completed. Castro also said he wants to be a Cub for life.

I’m more than happy about the news and happy I’ll be able to watch Castro for years on. The deal should be done by season’s end and can be completed very soon. I just can’t wait until the news is announced!

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