Christmas Gift Ideas for Chicago Sports Fans

We are 3 days away from Christmas so you still have a little time to get some shopping done. We like to help our readers streamline just about everything whether it’s wasting time at work, or doing last minute shopping. Here is a compilation of some pretty awesome stuff from around the web.

1.) A T-Shirt from ChitownClothing.Com. They have a very large selection of awesome, originally designed Chicago Sports t-shirts. My personal favorite is the “Rose Before Hoes” design featuring the Chitown Assassin, the Bulls’ Derrick Rose. They also have designs for the Bears, Blackhawks, White Sox, and Cubs. This is the #1 gift you can give to a Chicago fan. USE CODE “CCS10” TO GET 10% OFF ANY ORDER. 

2.) Jay Cutler Replica Jersey from the Bears Pro Shop. Right now they are 30% so you can get this sweet Cutler jersey for only $64.00. That is a great price on a very nice jersey. These are guaranteed to put the smile on the face of any Bears fan.

3.) Huge selection of Blackhawks/Cubs/White Sox/Bulls/Bears Gear at FootballFanatics

They have HUGE areas for each team with office supplies, jerseys, flags, t-shirts, hats, etc. Anything you can think of will be found here under your team’s section.

4.) A Burton History Tree. These unique prints display the history of a team in a very cool way. You can order a print or a framed print. I have one hanging up in my mancave and it’s pretty sweet! Anybody who comes into my room of manliness comments on it.

Chicago White Sox

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Bears

5.) Donator Membership on ChiCitySports Message Board. A donation to ChiCitySports.Com will get you special access to private areas of the site where you can get special deals from our vendors, early information about site changes/updates, and a donator award to display whenever you post. DONATE HERE IF YOU’RE INTERESTED.


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