CP3 Trade Nixed: What Does This Mean for the NBA?

Last night, a three team deal was agreed to that would have sent All-Star point guard Chris Paul to the New Orleans Hornets. However the trade was eventually nixed by David Stern and the NBA owners.

While I do think that the trade itself did not make sense at all for Houston, the NBA should not have the right to block the trade, even though they own the Hornets. I agree, the trade is not what you want to see as an NBA fan, especially a fan of a team that is not a “superteam,” but the fact is that three teams agreed to a trade, and the NBA should not have the right to block it based off of purely merit.

The most dangerous part about this is will this be a precedent? Will the NBA put the needs of the whole over the needs of the few in the future, and will they block team flexibility in order to do it? Only the future will tell.

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