Crane Kenney gives me reason to be scared about Cubs future

I understand that many of you aren’t waking up this Thursday morning thinking about baseball, but today we need to discuss the Cubs situation.

Tuesday the Cubs unveiled the Billy Williams statue at the corner of Sheffield and Addison and with that President (and local boob) Crane Kenney announced that it was just the beginning:

“I think you are seeing the beginning,” Kenney said. “The statues are popular with our fans, and they certainly are a great way to pay tribute to living players that helped put us on the map. And I think it’s fair to say we will probably continue.”

Fantastic. Let us rejoice Cubs nation in knowing that instead of focusing on the business inside the walls, the “new” regime has immediately returned to the pandering and ridiculousness that grew tired once this team actually smelled victory.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the history of this franchise’s players, but the history of this franchise is based solely on one thing: LOSING, and doing it in fantastic fashion.

Personally this situation scares me a little, maybe a lot, I haven’t quite decided yet. It scares me in the sense that the Ricketts’ seem comfortable letting a situation continue where one guys builds bad teams and another is more focused on building statutes.

I thought we were past this. I had hoped that when this team changed ownership, that we would see something different. Instead we see more of the same.

This was the second time in one week where the Cubs brass has presented themselves in a manner that I thought was a thing of the past. First it was Tom Ricketts and crew showing up to dedicate the Harry Caray statue with over-sized glasses and beer. Now this, and the message it represents.

What will it take for this team to understand that the culture has changed. It now has to be about winning, it has to be.

While the rest of the country may look at Cub fans as senseless, beer drinking morons who only fill the stadium and surrounding areas to party like frat boys and look at pretty girls, half the time unaware of the score or who is on the field, our management doesn’t have to be included in them.

3 thoughts on “Crane Kenney gives me reason to be scared about Cubs future

  • September 9, 2010 at 4:27 PM

    All Kenney and the Cubs upper echelon care about is how much money they can make for the Cubs. Their main concerns are selling out Wrigley field to as high a capacity as possible, and selling out the Cub Convention. To that end, here’s what they’ll do after the regular season. Hire Sandberg as the manager because he’s popular with the fans and sign more over-the-hill overpriced free agents. 102 years and waiting with no end in sight.

  • September 9, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    I really had hopes that this wouldn’t be the case, but I think you are correct. I just don’t understand how they can allow Hendry to have any say in the managerial process and how they continue to let Kenney speak in public.

    I am losing ammo when I try to defend the stupidity of this organization, and I had very little to start with.

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