Another topic that’s starting to head the news/rumor wire is whether Crane Kenney will be back for the 2012 season. Kenney is the Cubs president. I’m not shocked at all and if he was to be fired or re-assigned, it can make the GM spot valuable. As the new GM can be offered the GM spot and the president. I honestly think that will be for the best. This may be more speculation than anything, but it’s worth to be noted.

As Cubs Insider points out…

“Tie to all of this the following: Crane Kenney is not being involved in baseball decisions at this moment in the organization. Maybe he was in the past, but he’s not now. The well-connected blogger (Cubs Insider) who told us Crane Kenney will be out by season’s start next year…well, he stands by his source even more firmly today.”

I’m not sure how reliable this may be, but Cubs insider is usually on top of their game. It would also make perfect sense.

So, I guess we’ll see what happens with this as the off-season goes on.

What do y’all think…would this be the right move?

Cubs president Crane Kenney

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