Today the Cubs brought back a fan favorite to a 1-year deal and that’s outfielder Reed Johnson.  Terms were not announce, but believe to be less that 3 million. Which it should be… around 1.5 million would have been a good deal. The deal in still pending a physical, however. The Cubs brought back Reed Johnson last year on a minor league deal. So… he got a better deal that in ’11 after a pretty good season.

Reed Johnson will not be a starter by any measure, but most likely will be the 4th outfielder. Playing in spot starts or coming in for defensive purposes, if Alfonso Soriano is still on the team come 2012. Who the Cubs want to trade and could be working on a trade. IF they will pay majority of his contract.

In 111 games Reed Johnson batted .309 with 5 home runs, 28 rbi’s in 246 at-bats. However, Reed Johnson is more about his defensive and his clubhouse presence.

The Cubs re-signing Johnson does that mean the Cubs will not pursue Yoenis Cespedes, Jorge Soler and top prospect Brett Jackson will not be affected. Tony Campana may be a affected a little and lose playing time. I still see Campana making the team as the 5th OF and the pinch runner.

I’m glad to see Reed Johnson return in Cubbie blue!

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