Who’s ready for some action?? It’s the fun part about the Winter…with the Winter Meetings beginning tommorrow and ending early Thursday. Jed Hoyer called the Winter Meetings ‘urgent’. Here’s what you need to know heading into tomorrow:

1) The Cubs are expected to land a 3B: Bruce Levine stated yesterday that the Cubs will make a trade for Padres’ Chase Headley. So, look for that to happen in the next few days. Also, the Cubs still have interest in Rockies’ Ian Stewart. However, they want more than just Blake DeWitt. As you can see, Headley is the better option and hopefully the Cubs can acquire him for the right price. I heard the Padres have interest in Carlos Marmol and Josh Vitters.

2) Could the Cubs sign or trade for a SP? Theo Epstein said going into the Winter Meetings, starting pitching is the #1 priority. A more likely option would be a trade as there’s no good option via free agency. The Cubs lost out on Chris Capauno as he joined the Dodgers. The Cubs still like Mark Buehrle, but so does 13 other teams. He’s looking for a 4 years and about 50 million. Which means, don’t look for a Buehrle signing Cub fans. It seems that the Miami Marlins are favorites to land Buehrle. Don’t look for any CJ Wilson rumors… Cubs have no interest. Also, Yu Darvish won’t be posted until after Winter Meetings once report said. Another report said mid-late January. So, who knows… The Cubs have their eye on Aaron Harang, who Jed Hoyer knows well. That’s why I said look for a trade more than a signing.

3) Will Matt Garza be on another team come Thursday afternoon? The Cubs reportedly are listening on Garza and if the right offer comes, Team Theo will ship him. However, Theo Epstein said Matt Garza is the right guy to build around. But he could just be saying that for the fans and so Matt Garza ignores all rumors. Matt Garza’s agent said look for a active Winter Meetings… If I had to guess, Matt Garza will not be traded and be the ace for the Cubs in ’12.

4) Will the Cubs finally be able to trade Alfonso Soriano? Cub fans it might actually happen! The Cubs are once again shopping Soriano and trying to deal him. It’s been reported that 4 AL teams are interested in Soriano’s service. If the Cubs are willing to eat half to majorty of the 3 years/54 million left on his contract. Which the Cubs are said to be willing too. I do expect Soriano to be traded to an AL team in the next few days. Doesn’t that sound awesome?!

5) Who else could be traded? The Cubs are listeing on Carlos Marmol (Padres and Red Sox have interest), Geovany Soto could be traded if the right offer comes (The Angels did have interest until they traded for Chris Ianneta. The Pirates still have interest and that goes back from the 2011 trade deadline), Carlos Zambrano could go if the right offer comes along (Teams do have interest and the Royals are said to be one) and Marlon Byrd (Teams would love Byrd as their 4th OF). These are players that we could hear come up in discussion.

6) How ’bout some Prince Fielder? I could not leave without talking about all-mighty Prince Fielder! The Brewers reportedly will only offer Fielder a max of 5 years/120 million. That offer does not seem it would get the job done. Scott Boras said he’s looking for a 7 year contract for Fielder. I’ll be surprise if he gets that contract.. I expect the Cubs to be linked with Fielder this week, not just once, but many times.

7) A finish to the compensation packages?! The Cubs/Red Sox and Cubs/Padres are expected to complete the long awaited compensation pacakges. The Cubs for stealing Theo Epstein from the Red Sox and the Cubs for stealing Jed Hoyer/Jason McLeod from the Padres. It’s has to be conneced to the Rule V draft…if not, I give up and don’t think they’ll ever be done. It’s been over as month now and don’t know why it took so long. We hopefully will know by Thursday afternoon what the Red Sox and Pares received from the Cubs.

Well that’s a little bit to look forward to the Winter Meetings. Now get ready for rumors/moves because there will be far from none!

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