Dear Chicago Bears: Don’t Sell Your Soul For Randy Moss

With seemingly nothing to lose, rumors are flying around Chicago that former Minnesota Viking and New England Patriot, Randy Moss, may be taking his show on the road all the way to Soldier Field.  Though currently opinions seem mixed, I’m convinced that this has the potential to completely alienate the fan-base.

To most clear-headed supporters, this season is already over.  Yes, we may have just broken the record for the highest winning percentage of a team who has completely lost their optimism.  But I would be happy if our quarterback survived the season, rather than gaining the chance to lose in the first round of the playoffs.

Randy Moss does not improve this situation.

Remember when people said Mike Martz’s offense would not really jive with the Bears weak offensive line?

Look at it logically: Cutler needs time to throw in order to orchestrate the offense, but doesn’t have the time to throw.  Surprisingly, the Bears started off decently, which would mean that the doubters were wrong.

For about five minutes!!

So, let’s use logic again in figuring this one out:  Jay Cutler consistently is given exactly no time to throw the football,  so in order for Moss to run his deep routes, he will now have to take an airliner to get there before Cutler is turned into mush.

Why even bother?

Yes, it could make us marginally better.

But at what cost?

Right now, fathers can tell their children that the Bears are trying their hardest and that’s all that matters.  They can also explain that even though they are losing, they are still good role models and should be applauded.

Ok, well, maybe that’s not the case. But sticking Moss on the roster would completely extinguish those notions.  “Sorry, Dad, looks like you are a filthy liar.” The words no father wants to hear.

Is minimal improvement worth selling one’s soul?

Bears fans are becoming very cranky.  They are angry about a team that made the right move in getting a talented QB, but forgot to address the issue of keeping him alive.  They are angry that the Bears are still at the one yard line in Detroit trying to score a touchdown on their 287th down.  Most importantly, they are wondering who is in charge.

Do we really want to add Randy Moss to a team that is lacking a leader?

Let’s face it folks: He wouldn’t mind that top spot when he gets here, and that is not putting football fans, or the human race, in a good position. Lovie Smith doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to deal with that.  Hell, Bill Belichek and Brad Childress couldn’t either.

Moss has a need to “keep it real.” That may sound well and good, but I would be frightened to hear what he has to say about our current organization that is in complete shambles.

If he could bring down the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings (twice), he could certainly do it here, with so much more to draw from.  I do not want local interviews conducted by himself, with no restraint whatsoever. I do not want to see highlights of him giving up on balls that are possibly in reach as Jay Cutler is broken in half.  I can definitely do without all of that.

In Chicago, we do not abandon our sports teams.  But I can guarantee that when we are disgusted with the current incarnation, we will find other hobbies to spend our money and time on.  Especially when the local media hands off the baton to the national media to begin the verbal lashings.

Losers can still be applauded if they are giving their all and doing it with dignity.  With Randy Moss in tow, that dignity may well jump into Lake Michigan.

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