Dempster Traded to the Braves… oh wait! **UPDATE**

Update: Ryan Dempster said he’ll likely pitch tomorrow and mull over all his options. He said he’ll likely go to the Dodgers and for now, it’s a no to the Atlanta Braves.

The Cubs have re-engage the Dodgers in trade talks and would like to trade him there now (as that’s really the only option). Now the Cubs won’t get anything worth notable in trade talks. The Dodgers know that and won’t offer anything too great. Also, they know the Cubs want to move Dempster. So … now it went from the Cubs having leverage in the deal to the Dodgers having leverage.

Finally, Dempster went from a Cub favorite to a player all Cub fans are mad at. He’s not up there anymore and if he wanted to come back in the off-season, he can wish that ‘bye-bye’. He will not get a good welcome back and I didn’t see that happening anyway.

In very surprising news yesterday, the Chicago reportedly traded Ryan Dempster to the Atlanta Braves for 22-year old Randall Delgado. Braves’ beatwriter reported the trade and many other outlets agreed that the trade was done. But the trade was not finalized and for now Dempster is still a Cub. Many people say the Cubs are just waiting for approval from Dempster, but wouldn’t that be the first order of business when coming to a trade? I would say so and I don’t get it.

I don’t blame the Braves’ beatwriter at all because he’s on their side and was tipped off wrong. The Braves may have thought the trade was done, but not for the Cubs. From reports, the Cubs and Braves have the framework of a trade in place.

From the most recent reports, the Cubs will receive Randall Delgado and another player for Ryan Dempster and cash. There is a chance, the Cubs will send another player to Atlanta but that’s still to be determine.

If the Cubs were to get this trade official sometime, it will be one hell of a trade in the Cubs’ perspective. I sure hope it does get done and the Cubs can move onto other trades.

The trade was shutdown by Ryan Dempster himself as he said this on Twitter;
THERE IS NO TRADE dont know where this info came from!”

Here’s what other media outlets say about the trade now:
**Patrick Mooney of CSN said the Cubs and Braves are in a holding pattern.
**Ken Rosenthal said deal probably gets done.
**Jon Heyman said there’s a 50/50 chance the deal gets done.
**Bruce Levine said the players are agreed upon, but just waiting for Dempster approval.
**Bob Nightengale said the Cubs are simply wating for Dempster’s approval.

The Braves are reportedly 2nd on Dempster’s list of teams to go to, behind the Los Angeles Dodgers. If Dempster is holding out for the Dodgers, I would be extremely mad. But I don’t think that will be the case.

Let’s see if the trade can be finalize today. I’ll update the post from what I see/hear!

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  • July 24, 2012 at 8:43 AM

    sounds like Dempster wants some cash

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