Derrick Rose Named Player-of-the-Game in FIBA Win

Derrick Rose was honored as the player-of-the-game on Wednesday, as Team U.S.A. trounced Greece, 87-59.  Rose scored 13 points, on 6-of-7 shooting, and added 2 steals, 2 rebounds, and 1 assist.

This was the final exhibition game for Team U.S.A.  Many consider Greece to be the second best team in the tournament, behind Spain.  But even though they were thought to have the size advantage over the United States, they lacked two quality big men, 6-foot-11 Yannis Bouroussis and 6-10 Sofoklis Schortsanitis, in their blow-out loss on Wednesday.  This resulted in a pounding on the glass, at the hands of the U.S. team, by the margin of 53-25 . 

Despite the clear disadvantages Greece was dealt in the defeat, Team U.S.A. has certainly made a strong case that they should be the favorites to win gold this time around – now defeating defending silver-medalist, Greece, and title-favorite, Spain, earlier in the week.

This was the first game played by the Greeks since their game with Serbia, which saw a brawl near the end of regulation.  For the U.S. team, this was the first game since Rajon Rondo opted to leave – perhaps in anticipation of getting the ax from head-coach, Mike Krzyzewski.

The U.S. team is pursuing the goal of winning their first championship since the year 1994.  The F.I.B.A. tournament will run through September 12th.

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