Don’t Look for a Jeff Samardzija Extension Any Time Soon

Jon Heyman of reports the Chicago Cubs would like to lock-up starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija to a long-term extension. However, Heyman says the Cubs and Samardzija are far apart in negotiations over a long-term contract. Extension talks appear to be on hold at the moment.

The Cubs really want to lock-up Samardzija, but Samardzija and his agent are in no hurry. The Cubs have now tried to lock-up Samardzija in two different occasions and have been unsuccessful. The Cubs reportedly offered Samardzija a 5-year contract worth 30 million, but he rejected the offer. The contract is like the one the Texas Rangers gave to starting pitcher Derek Holland.

Heyman says it appears there’s a gap in talks. So, it looks like Samardzija could be looking for a larger contract.

Samardzija on ongoing extension talks; “we were under the assumption that in the offseason, we’d talk, nothing serious, we were just going to discuss things, but once spring training got going, they had things they needed to do and I needed to get ready for the year. There really hasn’t been any talks, we were on the same page. Everything can handle itself in a couple years.”

The Cubs could talk an extension during the season as Samardzija has stated that would not be a distraction. But I don’t think the Cubs will want that hanging over Samardzija’s head during the season.

I don’t know why the Cubs are in such a rush to hammer down an extension with Samardzija. Samardzija had one good season and that’s all. I would wait and see how he pitches this season. If he has a good season, then go from there.

I wouldn’t look for an extension anytime soon. I think talks will start heating up after the season and that’s when the Cubs and Samardzija will come to a long-term extension.

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