Despite reports early in the season that Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard had no interest in playing in Chicago, ESPN reports that Howard is now interested in teaming up with reigning MVP Derrick Rose.

If you’re Chicago, you HAVE to at least look into this move. Dwight Howard right now is bar none the best center in the NBA. Even though people criticize his poor free throw shooting and lack of offensive refinement, there is no player in the whole NBA who can match up with Howard.

What would it take to get Howard? Without a doubt, it would take Joakim Noah; that’s a given. As well, it would take one of Omer Asik or Taj Gibson. Knowing that Dwight is a guy who just does not get injured, I would lean toward Asik, since Boozer is known to be an injury liability. I would rather have Taj to back up Boozer than Asik to back up Howard. It may also take Luol Deng, and some draft picks, and you’d hope to get at least one asset back in return. However at the end of the day, you have to at least try it if you can get the most dominant big man in a decade.

If the Bulls were to trade for Dwight, they would be by far the favorites to win the NBA title this season. Even though Miami would still have a “big three” and Chicago would only have a “big two,” Chicago would still likely be the favorite because they have so much more around their big 2.

We will have to see whether Dwight is serious about coming to Chicago, but it’s an option that should be explored if available.

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