Earl Bennett to Become Chicago Bears’ MVP Along Side Matt Forte?

In the midst of a four-game win streak in which the Chicago Bears have looked considerably improved, positive vibes have made their way into the hearts of the majority of Bears faithful.

The seemingly abysmal offensive line, alongside equally horrific play calling, has done nothing but sky rocketed in terms of performance. Quarterback Jay Cutler is noticeably happier alongside teammates; with a plentiful amount of play action rollouts and shotgun snaps in his arsenal.

Not to mention, Cutler’s former Vanderbilt go-to-guy and fourth-year wide out Earl Bennett has returned from injury with a bang.

In the 24-year-old’s past two starts in the slot position, Bennett has compiled 11 receptions, most of which were on crucial third downs, for 176 yards: an average of 16 yards-per-reception.

Numbers can lie, however, as statistics on paper can’t paint a picture when it comes to describing the difficulty and sheer exceptional catches Bennett snagged. For all those longtime Chicago fans, it’s almost reminiscent of the tough Tom Waddle when it comes to comparison.

Beyond the terrific improvements around Cutler, there seems to be something intricate arising.

Whenever Bennett is in the game, the former Pro Bowler in Cutler begins to show. Chicago’s franchise quarterback becomes much more relaxed, and gets rid of the ball with less of a tense throw in anticipation.

Moreover, the Bears now have two threats when it comes to running on their squad.

Ever since coming into the league in 2008, Bennett has been the best Chicago has had in terms of yards-after-catch. Earl Bennett runs hard. Period.

Bennett may not be the quickest, most agile athlete in the world, but he damn sure won’t go down without a fight. Not only is that a dying trait that’s great for every down, but especially crucial given the fact Bennett sees most of his playing time on third down.

Chicago seems to have a receiver in which the once-battered Cutler can just throw it up to, and rely on to finally be the one getting bailed out.

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