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    The Doom & Gloom Epic Disaster Calling It Now Thread

    all this crap aside, i would be super excited about getting Justin Fields with the #2 pick
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    ***CCS Week 1 DONATORS ONLY Bears giveaway***

    why stop there? he could go negative yards
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    Lions look-a-like thread

    Geremy Davis Bobby McFerrin
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    My mom says mitch is an excellent football player

    100% chance plus we'll only get a few FGs in the first half and no TDs
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    Lions look-a-like thread

    Kenny Golladay Tony Cox
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    Lions look-a-like thread

    Surprised this hasn't been made yet, who ya got? Matt Patricia Grizzly Adams
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    ***CCS Week 1 DONATORS ONLY Bears giveaway***

    Money Mitch throws for 333 yards. Total points is 35
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    Allen Robinson FULL 2019 Highlights W/ Game Audio - Chicago Bears Highlights Uncut

    damn, some of those throws were horrible. imagine if AR caught the ball in stride instead of adjusting.
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    When your daughter brings home a Packers hoodie

    anytime a piece of Packers paraphernalia enters your home, your home value diminishes.....known fact
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    SI: Next Gen Nightmare

    Good god the pressure with Goldman, Hicks, Quinn, and Mack is going to e glorious.
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    Biggest WTF play that you remember?

    I've watched football for a long time but Trestman's decision to kick a FG on 2nd and 7 still makes me go cross eyed.
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    OT: LaFleur Power Play

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    Ryan Pace draft history

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    ***2020 NFL Draft Day 3 IGT ***

    my wife would appreciate that
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    ***2020 NFL Draft Day 3 IGT ***

    can someone make a gif or emoji that says, "Stop Feeding Remy"