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    Will 16 points be the most points the Bears score the rest of the season?

    If it is the Bears are obviously fucked. I don’t think it is but 8 have to make an effort to remain the slightest bit optimistic.
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    Drew Brees likely out 6 weeks

    Ligament damage.
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    Drew Brees likely out 6 weeks

    A couple of fantasy sites say week 10 after their bye week.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Broncos (Revenge of the Vic Edition)

    Keep scores coming - in Europe and can’t watch.
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    Prediction: Bears will have a new starting QB by week 4

    Then watch the game. The NFL settled with Kap for a reason.
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    Prediction: Bears will have a new starting QB by week 4

    You miss the point. A protest can be successful if they raise awareness. It did that. The deification doesn’t the military, whether they saw active duty or not is a large part of the outrage. The military’s job is to defend people’s right to protest. Period. It wasn’t just about racist cops...
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    Prediction: Bears will have a new starting QB by week 4

    This. Benching MT early this season and probably at all puts the organization offensively in a tail spin. If they want to bring in competition next year, fine. If he fails this year, which he deserve to play out, and they want to move on that is fine, too. Then people will be calling for...
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    🚨 PATRIOTS Sign Antonio 🅱️rown 🚨

    Someone’s gotta pay for the open bar...
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    Burton: "Some Days I Feel Really Good, & Some Days I Don't Feel Good At All."

    They thought they did and drafted him in the 2nd, I believe. Turns out they were wrong.
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    After disastrous week 1, Bears removed from Colin Cowherd’s Herd Hierarchy

    Anyone giving a shit what CC thinks or says needs to re-evaluate their lives.
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    What are your adjusted expectations for Trubisky?

    No change in my expectations. I expect a big year and the GB game was an aberration. If what we saw at GB was the “real” MT, the Bears need a new QB. Or, at a minimum a full on QB competition next year. I am not concerned, yet. More games like GB and I can see myself getting negative pretty...
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    FICO Number

    Not buying it......
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    If Trubisky isn’t our Guy

    There is some truth here. So far, Nagy has mishandled the season. The offense should have likely had more reps in preseason. Nagy called a bad game. I think the Bears read too many press clippings. Things need to take a huge turn and they very well might. And if Nagy calls a better game...
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    Its time to move on--- too many good college QBs to be patient for this shit show

    I would agree with the “there is still time” people. But I think that time is limited to this year. If MT still looks this bad at the end of the year, it is time to look at other options.
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    🚨 PATRIOTS Sign Antonio 🅱️rown 🚨

    The dude definitely needs help.