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    Superbowl 1967 and now

    1968: 3 things happen when you pass the ball and 2 of them are bad. PI was rarely called and guys could bump all the way down the field. 2019: 6 things can happen when you pass and 4 are good.
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    Allen Robinson tries to recruit Eric Berry to the Bears

    Works for me if he can run for an entire season. My concern would be that he didn't get the surgery for Haglund's deformity so it's irritation could flare up again during the year. Doc's would need to take a close look at that.
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    OT: Saints will move on with Taysom Hill not Teddy Bridgewater if Drew Brees retires

    They didn't want to break him by playing him too early when they had a vet ready. In before R&S It's white privilege and Bridgewater refused to play WR or RB. They'd never ask Hill to do that kind of stuff. Oh wait!
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    Chargers moving on from Phillip Rivers

    Probably too expensive.
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    Chargers moving on from Phillip Rivers

    Na. Makes them an absolute for FAs and everyone knows they need a QB whether Rivers is there or not come the draft.
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    The Reality of the Free Agent Budget

    Get a vet QB. I think they re-sign Kwiat and try Bush at SS. CB will be interesting. I don't think we do anything about the Ts in FA and maybe bring in a starting G though I hate that scenario from a budget standpoint. I much prefer developing Gs. I like our young TE potential but suspect they...
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    Can we finally admit that Hurts will hurt our team! Don't draft him!

    Nor I if they go that way. They all get benefit of doubt until they show us otherwise, jaundiced eye notwithstanding. I just don't see him as a target for this O.
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    Can we finally admit that Hurts will hurt our team! Don't draft him!

    I don't think a QB in 2 and we trade one of those for some 3rd and 4th round picks unless a special player falls. If we get a QB, it won't be before the 4th and more likely 5+. I think Hurts falls to the 4+ range but he's not well suited to this O as currently configured. We're more likely to...
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    The 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    I personally don't like Hurts but that doesn't mean he can't prove me wrong. Let's just keep this about the player and less of a civil rights lesson on a football forum.
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    The 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    Moon was evaluated as black and god discriminated against. Loved watching him throw the ball in the NFL once he finally got a shot. That's not what happened to your other examples where one was small and another that had some crap floating around him so don't get the correlation. We can use...
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    Lamar Jackson's precision passing

    She only tells you that and then slaps your pee pee.
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    Can we finally admit that Hurts will hurt our team! Don't draft him!

    I've stayed out of the threads about this because it's just more waste of space like my post here but thought I'd mention it because it's been coming up in other threads for no good reason. You guys need to get the stick out your butts over this. Just easier than the proper name in friendly...
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    Mack traded to Lions for $1

    Next year. He needs to honor the asshole, dirty rusher tradition 1st.
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    The 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    He reminds me a lot of McMahon. Size, delivery, gambler.
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    Power vs Zone

    Mixing metaphors much?