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    Will Nagy Use 2 QB Formations

    Yes, and they will run into each other and both get injured on the same play... Let the Tyler Bray era begin
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    Sean Payton has coronavirus

    I work in healthcare and they are saying, no new cases in Wuhan China today, it took 3 months for it to cycle through and people are going back to work there. Now think about a typical street before the virus in Wuhan China and one in the US where everyone is at home online. I think because of...
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    Matt Nagy is a straight up fraud.

    20-12 in two years vs John Fox who went 14-34 in three seasons...
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    Bears hire TE coach Clancy Barrone

    They need to cut ties with Burton he just isnt on the field enough to earn the salary he is getting.
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    Is there anyway we can upgrade Leno?

    and Massie, both are huge problems and Pace should have his head on a stake for paying them...
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    Superbowl 1967 and now

    Apparently players smoked cigarettes? Len Dawson
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    Offseason? Extra Football XFL

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    NEW RULEZ for NFL being EXPERIMENTED WITH at the PRoBowl

    Why not take it a step further and eliminate punts too? If it is 4th down you can go for it or elect to turn over the ball 40 yds down field. Imagine all the open positions we would create by getting rid of special teams players! -deep sigh-
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    Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

    I will be pulling for the Chiefs, always liked their fans and Nagy came from there.
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    Soon to be free agent Tom Brady

    Brady was slower, and more inaccurate than he has ever been in his career this year and.... he threw for more yards than any Bears QB has in history. If Brady shows any interest, Pace better drop to one knee and beg like a dog...
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    $54 Mil. How Would You Spend It?

    Its clear we need a tight end, put it all on Bradley Sewell and lock him in for the year!
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    Who would be your #1 FA Target?

    I don't think he wants to come here but if there is the slightest chance Tom Bradys agent will talk to Pace, Pace should be on one knee begging...
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    Bizarro Pace - I Could Only Imagine

    All of these stupid should of/would of threads... Just because a player is good today, does not mean he would have developed in the same way for another team playing against different offenses/defenses for different coaches. Perhaps if Mitch Trubisky had been drafted by the Chiefs and had a...
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    Mitch and the Fifth Year Option Math

    Because they want to sign Mitch to more than a year. Watch and see...