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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears "@" Raiders (Mash Your Bangers Edition)

    As much as people hate Leno, and it's somewhat justified, he just signed an extension last year. The Bears will trot him out there for at least another year, after this seas.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears "@" Raiders (Mash Your Bangers Edition)

    First Leno gets caught holding, then whifs on pass protection
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (2 Hot 4 Instagram Edition)

    Same here. He's usually ass cheeks, but he is playing some ball today!
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    Roquan Smith doubtful

    Kwiatkowski is straight ass cheeks.... this is going to suck, watching him get roasted all over the field.
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    Hub Arkush on Trubisky

    Since the moment I have finished watching Brett Kollman's vid on Trubisky, I can't "unsee" him not following throw with his hips, when he throws. Every time he doesn't, he easily misses his target. I don't know what else the Bears/Nagy can do, besides sitting him and Dave Ragone down, forcing...
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    McNeil & Parkins

    How the fuck is McNeil even on the air? Who's responsible for this shit show?! This guy is awful, and almost impossible to listen to.
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    Offensive line's run blocking woes... broken down by all 22 film.

    Since some of you seem to think Howard/Cohen are bad at running the football suddenly, I present you with a gift. I've noticed, that since the offseason, Harry Hiestand has made...
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    Cold beer

    It's fucking delicious, and awesome. Discuss :bearbang:
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    Good film comparison.

    Hello people, I hope you're all doing well today. I was doing a little surfing, and found a rather interesting film breakdown on the Fudgie's Jimmy Graham. While the host of this video explains that this is mostly geared toward fantasy football, he gave us consumers a good breakdown of WHY...
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    Not Bears related, but a good watch.

    Considering we all hate the Packers, and they get away with holding on just about every play, I thought I would share this guys fantastic breakdown. His youtube channel puts out some great stuff every week. Enjoy chaps.
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    PFF scouting on Langford.

    This is obviously a repost. But, maybe just maybe, PFF was onto something in their write up on Langford's struggles.
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    More PFF rankings

    This time, it's all 32 starting (or projected) secondaries
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    Interesting article, Bears sitting in a good spot

    Not sure if this has been seen yet, but here is a interesting link grading the front seven of every team. In Fangio we trust.....
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    Remember they hype!

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I felt some people on here need a refresher as to what the Bears will be gaining on offense this year. BEAR DOWN!