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    Packers week starts now.....
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    ***OFFICIAL*** Thursday Night IGT: Bears vs Cowboys (#MITCHISBACK Edition)

    Tell that to Ryan Pace. He's determined to force this bum ass QB on the team, the fans, and the world at large.
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    The Jalen Hurts Discussion Thread

    I'd love to see Bryce Perkins in the second. Athletic, moves around not to run, but to work the pocket and let his WRs run their routes. When he does run, he's usually always watching to see if someone might come open downfield. In the pocket, he can drop the deep ball anywhere with great touch.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** Thanksgiving Day IGT: Bears @ Lions (Jive Azz Turkey Edition)

    It's sad, that this can be said, and nobody can seriously dispute it.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** Thanksgiving Day IGT: Bears @ Lions (Jive Azz Turkey Edition)

    Because, he's a fucking scrub/bust/trashboat.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** Thanksgiving Day IGT: Bears @ Lions (Jive Azz Turkey Edition)

    Trubisky is being outplayed by a third string QB, on short notice... He's a fucking bust, and it's time for the Bears to move on
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    ***OFFICIAL*** NFL Week 12 IGT (@Grimson Be Slipping Edition)

    So many QBs around the league, that are better than what we're stuck with....:cautious:
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    Jameis Winston

    I already did. I live in the area... I see him stink it up on a weekly fucking basis. He's going to get cut, because he's bad. Are you dumb, or are you stupid?!?
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    Jameis Winston

    You're on some pretty potent drugs... He's a very, very bad QB
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    Jameis Winston

    Hell fucking NO!!! I live in the Tampa area (Clearwater), and Winston is straight fucking ass cheeks! The locals here, can't wait for the Bucs to cut him. He's viewed the same way Glennon was. DO NOT WANT
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    Aaaaaand, a kick off the upright. Looks very "Chicago Bearish" to me
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Giants (They May Be Giant Racists Edition)

    You don't see those, because Mitch historically struggles to to make throws to those kind of routes