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    Breaking News: Aaron Rodgers is lame in the sack

    Ill take things girls say when your tired of their shit but still needed to get off for $200
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    Jaylon Johnson

    Tolliver is great for 10 yards and 3 seconds. After that is where he struggles. They attack his agility breaking off of him with double moves and routes that put his athleticism to the test. Yes he's long but does he use it to his full potential. The answer is no. If he could he'd be a...
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    Jaylon Johnson

    Doubt it
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    Should the Redskins change their name

    The Washington Pale Faces. Put Washington crossing the delaware as the logo.
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    Robert Quinn Warming up to Role in Bears Defense

    He played on it. So prove it? He just played through severe pain from an injury. Very hard to prove anything in certain cases
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    Mack under the most pressure in 2020??

    He definitely lost a little bend and power in his step. I thought it was clearly a lower body injury.
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    Robert Quinn Warming up to Role in Bears Defense

    Yes. And he played through it. It wad his intent to let them know it was "bothering" him. He probably didnt want anyone going low.
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    2021 Bear cap situation is a mess!

    Id rather someone fly a single engine plane into my face and survive, than get rid of hicks. Dont do that to me... just dont... I've taken enoygh abuse...
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    2021 Bear cap situation is a mess!

    You should be strapped into a rocket and shot into outer space at a black hole for saying Akiem Hicks is overpriced. That guy when healthy raises the defense from top 10 - 15 to top 5.
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    Can't imagine the Bears without Soldier Field.

    You can build a stadium and honor soldiers at the same time. If you build a stadium you just call it "New" Soldier Field. You build it like a museum to commemorate those that served as one the biggest memorials on American soil. When games are not being played you can generate revenue...
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    Panthers tried to deal Cam to the Bears, Pace turned it down.

    - The defense looks great but the offense isn't shit. Who built this offensive line!? - Wow well the Patriots fucked up letting Brady go. - Drew Brees needs to retire - Fire Nagy, Pace, Mitch. This offense is bad. - Watson isnt that good without Hopkins. - Detroit still cant do anything...
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    OT: Cam signs with Pats

    Cam Newton isnt the same guy anymore. Hasnt been since his MVP season.
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    In the Superbowl era Bears rank last in QB production...

    Ok fair enough I guess, but the Josh Gordon comparison is a huge reach. Thats an extreme. Nobody who smokes pot in college should draw a Josh Gordon comparison. Thats like saying he coukd have been Sam Herd. From my perspective it was at that moment a huge biff on the bears and...
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    E.Jackson disrespected by CBS sports.

    I think not having Hicks messed everything up. He allows safeties to play super deep