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  • So should they also keep it in the PM instead of calling me a thief on the boards like they're doing? Just wondering cause i don't wanna get in trouble for going right back at them on the boards if they're gonna come at me on the boards.
    Just so you know, we are not responsible for your fantasy leagues or anything off this site. Please stop reporting these things, we're going to do absolutely nothing about it. This is all between you and those persons. If you take issue, keep it to PM with those involved. We do not care what so ever.
    I just paid for the FF . For my peace of mind, what is you real name? I seen you used Eddie Weed which made me a little hesitate.
    this is my receipt with my real name and it is also on FB I live in Aliquippa, PA home of Mie Ditka.
    john-paul Conklin:*
    Convenience Fee:
    Total Payment:
    Paid via: Credit Card, account number ending in 6441
    Transaction date: 8/10/2017
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