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    Jimmy Graham Skype Interview Mar 27th.

    I don't know about you all, but I can't wait for the Daniel/Foles interview.
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    Jordan Love

    I hope George reels in Pace and disallow any trade ups. Save all the picks next year for the new coach and GM. Let them mortgage more draft capital for a QB of their choice.
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    Tyler Bray is back

    I'd love to see mental midget Mitch (MMM) get traded for a 4th rounder to make up for Foles. Then, use our 2nd round picks on the best QB and offensive lineman available. Boom, roasted.
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    Who Will Bears Start QB in 2020? Trubisky or Foles?

    What an absolute travesty that was. Tom Brady was out there in the 3rd quarter of preseason game #3, IIRC. Nagy thinks he's so fucking clever. Mitch and Foles should alternate series in the preseason. Continuity be damned.
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    Tyler Bray is back

    Pace will absolutely trade a pick from next years draft to move up 5-7 spots this year. Guaranteed.
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    Stock Market

    This sentiment, in general, is me to a T. About a month ago I paid off the mini-van (which I absolutely adore, suck it haters!) with 13K cash. FUCK ME! I haven't invested a penny side from normal 1st of the month Roth IRA contributions and 529 plans for my two boys. My unsolicited .02 advice...
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    Who Will Bears Start QB in 2020? Trubisky or Foles?

    I agree. I think Mitch gets a handful of games to show significant progression. If not, he gets yanked in favor or Foles. Could be week four, six or eight. The better the D plays, the shorter the leash, IMO. Justifiably so.
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    Bears sign Ifedi
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    Anyone here impacted directly with this COVID-19 virus?

    Stay positive. You got this.
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    Time to admit it; Mitch is god awful

    Clearly, the guy is one TE away from restoring his Pro Bowl status.
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    I like the Nick Foles trade

    At the end of the day, that;s the stat that matters. If the Bears don't make the playoffs this year, I hope they shit can Nagy and Pace.
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    Rams sign pass-rusher Leonard Floyd for one year, $10M

    Great motor. Lots of effort. Had great games against Green bay and I'll always appreciate that.
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    I like the Nick Foles trade

    As long as we keep all of our draft picks for 2021, I don't give a fuck. Bears D will be fierce this year. Who knows, maybe Foles comes in to replace a shitty Trubisky and the Bears are 6-6 and he goes on another magical run. All we need to do is get to the playoffs!
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    Bears trade for QB Nick Foles

    Guaranteed he drafts offense with both of those two first rounders.
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    Trevathan extended

    KPL for sure. Loved his energy.